Dental Mission to Fogo Island, Cabo Verde 2022

These children had so much need. It was a great mission!
We're a Team
—Karen Ives

At last we’ve finished out the work.
It feels just like a dream—
But it would not be possible
Without this expert team:

Mama P will break a rib
To hold your patient down,
Massage your back, grab you a tool,
Then show you ‘round the town.

Bob will see a thousand kids,
And without a clock to chime,
He’ll wake you up at 4 AM
to ask about the time.

Once the kids start coming
It seems they never stop!
Kaori can manage all those kids
With masterful post op.

Gentle, kind, and humble
Armand is that and more.
Before he goes to take a tooth
He’ll sweetly ask, “Ten dor?”

With humor, Phillip gives his all
At both his work and play.
Without a doubt he’s truly
Our fresh prince of Cabo Verde.

When a child comes in screaming,
Their eyes all full of tears,
It’s Wendy in her baller scrubs
Who bravely volunteers.


Raj is such a master!
His process is one to see.
The kids don’t cry with him because
He extracts with empathy.

Mother, dentist, teacher,
A master and mind reader
Jaime epitomizes what it means
To truly be a leader.

Knowing when to manage chaos
And when to joke and pester,
Tony can switch between both roles—
Professional and jester.

Some judge books by covers,
But you truly never can:
Our tattooed friend Gonzalo
Is both artist and gentleman.

Need a quick translation
And not sure where to go?
Just call him and he’s there for you—
The tireless Silvino.

With dedication to the kids
And his impeccable style,
Elias works logistics with
A kind and easy smile.

This group has gelled together.
We work with skill and heart;
And though the week at last is done
This team is at its start.

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