2022 Projects

The team arrives.
The team assembles.
Jamie Lau at work
Dr. Bob Renner saw more than 5,000 mouths.
Oral health class. Thanks to Sharon Dymond for posters and to Tony L-square for not surrendering to chaos.
Amazing restoration without hand pieces or electricity by Dr. Rajesh Ameen
Beautiful children of Fogo
Our goofy team

Cabo Verde (Fogo Island)

May 16-21, 2022

Yet another great team completed yet another great mission to Cabo Verde. It was five days of really hard work to see more than 5,000 children, including triage in Praia. Almost 500 children needed treatment.

An astonishing 472 primary teeth and 206 permanent teeth were extracted; 107 teeth were restored; 179 teeth had SDF (silver diamine fluoride) treatment to arrest caries.

Restoration stories were amazing. Without electricity, our dentists perform magic. This time was no exception.

Our thanks go to the team: Bob Renner, Jaime Lau, Rajesh Ameen, Wendy Zhu, Philip Battles, Armand Juste, Karen Ives, Kaori Kawai, Silvino Alves, Tony L-square, Elias Montrond E, and Gonzalo.

Photo credits go to the team members.

Dr. Bob Renner
Dr. Bob Renner facing an ocean of children
Mweemba Mwiinga
Mweemba Mwiinga
Dr. Charles Wei
Dr. Charles Wei at work
Post Op
Bob Renner
Dr. Bob Renner
Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan
Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan in Post Op
Emmanuel Beck Banda
Emmanuel Beck Banda busy at education. The doll's name is Frida Mutinda.
PRF Team
Our happy team
Zambian Children
Zambian Children
Dr. Jason Lin
Dr. Jason Lin with his patient
Doctors Chan and Kang
Dr. Kei Chan and Dr. Nancy Kang working together
Fluoride Varnishing
Local volunteers, with help from Yena Kwon and Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan, did most of the fluoride varnishing.
Zambian Children
Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan
Super nurse Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan with her patient
The Team
Top from left: Karen, Purobi Phillips, Jason Lin, Yena Kwon, Kei Chan, Nancy Kang, Bob Renner, Charles Wei, Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan, Mocha. Bottom from left: Emmanuel Beck Banda, School Principal, George, Robby, and John Yoo a/k/a Dr. YouTube.
Purobi Phillips and Zambian Child
A patient hugging Purobi Phillips
Zambian Boys


April 4-9, 2022

Special thanks go to our local coordinator Mweemba Mwiinga who made innumerable phone calls from Lusaka to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. Without Mweemba, our post-pandemic return to Zambia would not have been possible.

Our dentists were Nancy Kang, Jason Lin, Kei Chan, Charles Wei, John Yoo, and Bob Renner. Our technicians were Ellendale Baterbonia-Chan, Yena Kwon, and Emmanuel Beck Banda. Karen and Mocha, both nursing students, were eager local volunteers.

With a fabulous team and lots of local help, we treated 6,527 children in Livingstone and Choma in less than a week. We left Zambia happy and exhausted.