2021 Projects

Since the start of the pandemic, global travel restrictions kept PRF from providing on-site pediatric dental assessments and treatments in the poor countries where we work. But children in those countries still need help. They are hungry. Through our local PRF networks in Zambia, Nepal, and Haiti, we bought and delivered hundreds of packages of nutritious foods, baby food and formula, vitamins, and clinical masks — one on one — from our hands to theirs. In one village in Taplegunj Nepal, where a fire destroyed 49 houses, PRF volunteers distributed rice, blankets, oil, and more.
Lentils for Nepal
Rice for Haiti
Eggs for Zambia
In Zambia, where we visited children of the village of Mukuni and town of Choma for dental treatment two years ago, PRF bought supplies such as corn meal, oil, vegetables, and eggs.
In Nepal, in addition to food packages, PRF coordinated with the She Talks Program to educate children’s parents on basic nutrition as well as on reproductive health with discussions of gender equality, birth control, and reproductive planning.